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As we all know, every flower blooms in its own time; as seasons change, so do they.

Since we can’t control such forces of nature, we unfortunately can’t always guarantee specific color or flower varieties. What we can guarantee is your full satisfaction and our most creative designs.
If there is something that calls to you, be sure to ask for its availability or other options.

All arrangements are one-of-a-kind. Color palette or design combinations may vary from order to order.

Deliveries are made every Wednesday. Our delivery window is 10 AM to 5PM. Unless otherwise specified, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time.

We don’t accept any kind of returns whatsoever. In case of a serious issue, please contact us through hello@naunetfloral.com and let us know what happened.

All arrangements are “designer’s choice” unless we were contacted in advance to make any specific requests. Please ensure that the contact phone number you specify with your order will be answered on the day of delivery.

We cannot take responsibility for any damages caused by temperature or climate conditions if your arrangement arrived at its destination and the delivery driver received no response in an attempt to call. In that case, we will leave the flowers by the door and take a picture. 

Do you want your flowers to stay fresh as long as possible? If you received a bouquet or arrangement from us, follow the steps below:

1. Cutting the stems:
If you received a bouquet, using a pair of scissors, make sure to cut the bottom part of the stems every 2 to 3 days.

2. Clean water, always:
Try to change your flowers’ water every three days, keeping it as crystal clear as a glass of water you would drink yourself. This will keep bacteria away from your flowers and they will live longer.

3. Sun is for humans, not for flowers:
Always put your flowers or arrangements under indirect light, never under the sun.

4. Each flower has its own lifespan:
Some flowers live longer than others. If you notice some of them are dying before the others, simply remove them from your vase so that the rest of the arrangement stays fresh and lasts longer.

Maintaining clean water:
Flush the water in your vase as often as possible, every two or three days. If you received an arrangement, try to find an opening on the side of your vase and add new water in, the old water will start flushing out as the new one comes in.

Other tips:
Cut flowers last longer in cool conditions. To prevent flowers from drying out and wilting, keep them away from heated sources. Avoid placing them where they will be exposed to direct sunlight or on top of radiators. If you place them near a window, the flowers can also quickly get damaged.

We can guarantee your flowers will be at their freshest for the first 72 hours.

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